The Your Hollywood Pro Book

 “The definitive guide to making it in the entertainment industry today. Required reading for actors, screenwriters, and aspiring filmmakers and producers looking to make it in the industry.”

– Randi Emerman, President and CEO
Palm Beach International Film Festival


YHP Book Cover

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About the Book

Your Hollywood Pro is one part industry handbook and one part memoir. This insider shares with readers the story of one man’s rise from starry-eyed, small-town boyhood to the epicenter of the entertainment industry, while also imparting practical advice about nearly every facet of breaking into the entertainment industry.

The book is long on advice and anecdote and short on dictate. The author’s primary lesson is this: while there are certain habits and pursuits that cultivate industry success, there is no one-size-fits-all, sure-fire approach to making it in the entertainment industry. But if you stay persistent, true to yourself, and generous to others, you can do this. The book is not for Hollywood dreamers—it’s for Hollywood doers.